WELCOME to Paver Patrol, Inc.


Over the years most pavers tend to fade, lose their gloss, or need general maintenance. If your pavers have fell victim to this, then you need Paver Patrol, Inc. to step in and save your pavers! Paver Patrol, Inc. is the newest company to protect your paver installation with a clean and seal process. 

We are paver specialists who have been installing pavers for over 30 years. We will take the time to evaluate your existing pavers and if your pavers have lost their vibrancy or structural performance, we'll let you know how we can provide a cost effective solution to protect your paver investment!


If you are looking for masonry installation, contact our sister company, AB Masonry, a licensed and insured company that has been servicing Long Island for over 30 years.


To contact Paver Patrol, Inc. for an evaluation of your pavers call Rob at 516.860.8444, email Rob at robberasti@paverpatrol.com, or contact us through our website by clicking here.